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The Yelland Line

Ruth Yelland was born in Heavitree, Exeter and baptised on 14th January 1824. She had a number of brothers and sisters and was the daughter of George Yelland and Ruth Barker who had married on 12th April 1808.

Although George and Ruth were married in Heavitree neither actually came from there - George Yelland was from Cheriton Fitzpaine and Ruth Barker was from Stoke Canon.

Ruth Barker (baptised 1st May 1785) was the youngest child of James Barker and Mary Gorfin who had married on the 20th January 1767 at Stoke Canon. James Barker was probably the son of Robert Barker and Mary Osmond of Broad Clyst but Mary Gorfin is something of a mystery as the surname is uncommon. There were Gorfins in Shillingford so she may have come from there although it is also possible that she did not come from Devon.

George Yelland (baptised 29th June 1783) was, like his wife, the youngest child. His parents - John Yealand and Mary Glanvill had married on 2nd April 1769 in Cheriton Fitzpaine. Both John and Mary were relatively young when they married but, as was the norm at the time their first child was born very soon after the marriage.

John Yealand was baptised on 19th May 1748 - the son of John Yelland and Joan Rich who had married on 6th January 1743. It is not known whether he had any brothers or sisters and nothing is known about his father (who may have come from another village). His mother was baptised in Cheriton Fitzpaine on 16th December 1718 - the eldest child of John Rich and Elizabeth Taylor. She had three brothers and two sisters. John and Elizabeth married on 28th January 1717/8.

Mary Glanvill was probably baptised on 7th May 1749, the second child of Richard Glanvill and Christian Uppercott who had married on 15th April 1745. Richard was probably the Richard Glanfield baptised on 6th December 1716 - son of Richard and Jone (nee Brooks) who had married on 28th January 1704/5. Christian Uppercott is another mystery woman as this surname is (like Gorfin) uncommon.

This descent is based entirely on data from the IGI (International Genealogical Index) and requires checking against the parish records - which will add further information. Details of brothers and sisters are given in the listings below:

John Rich married Elizabeth Taylor 28 January 1717/8 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
Joan Rich baptised 16 Dec 1718
John Rich baptised 6 May 1721
Sarah Rich baptised 19 Jan 1723/4 - presumably deceased before 1731
William Rich baptised 2 Jan 1725/6
Thomas Rich baptised 10 Feb 1728/9
Sarah Rich baptised 26 Aug 1731

Richard Glanfield married Jone Brooks 28 Jan 1704/5 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
Richard Glanfield baptised 6 Dec 1716
Robert Barker married ? in Broad Clyst
Robbin Barker baptised 20 Nov 1707

John Yelland married Joan Rich 6 Jan 1743/4 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
John Yealand baptised 19 May 1748

Richard Glanvill (Glanfield) married Christian Uppercott 15 Apr 1745 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
Jane Glanvill baptised 1 Dec 1745
Mary Glanvill baptised 7 May 1749
Richard Glanvill baptised 9 Feb 1752/3

Robert (Robbin) Barker married Mary Osmond 7 Dec 1734 in Broad Clyst
? Barker baptised 17 Aug 1735
Elizabeth Barker baptised 18 Oct 1738
James Barker baptised 2 Feb 1740/1
Robert Barker baptised 13 Jul 1746
John Barker baptised 25 Sep 1748
Joan Barker baptised 16 Dec 1750

John Yealand married Mary Glanvill 2 Apr 1769 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
Mary Yelland baptised 4 May 1769
Elizabeth Yelland baptised 3 Mar 1771
John Yelland baptised 6 Dec 1772 - presumably deceased before 1781
William Yelland baptised 27 Nov 1774
Sarah Yelland baptised 31 Mar 1777
Ann Yelland baptised 28 Feb 1779
John Yelland baptised 16 Apr 1781
George Yelland baptised 29 Jun 1783

James Barker married Mary Gorfin 20 Jan 1767 in Stoke Canon
Robert Barker baptised 12 Jul 1767
Ann Barker baptised 27 Mar 1769
James Barker baptised 2 Jan 1774
Sarah Barker baptised 23 Jun 1782
Ruth Barker baptised 1 May 1785

George Yelland married Ruth Barker 12 Apr 1808 in Heavitree
George Yelland baptised 25 Nov 1810
Thomasine Yelland baptised 7 Nov 1813
Philip Yelland baptised 28 Jan 1816
Mary Yelland baptised 9 Apr 1820
James Yelland baptised 28 Oct 1821 - presumably deceased before 1832
Ruth Yelland baptised 14 Jan 1824
Sarah Yelland baptised 28 Aug 1826
William Yelland baptised 15 Mar 1829
James Yelland baptised 25 Mar 1832

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