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SHORT Ancestors

Ann Seymour married George Payne in 1863. She was born in 1840, the daughter of John and Sarah.
In the 1841 census John and Sarah Seymour were living in Broiwns Yard, wantage with their three children - Jane, aged 3, Thomas aged 2 and Ann (not yet 1)
I have been unable to find any of them in the 1851 census - which baffles me - but they reappear in 1861.
They are now living in Charlton (part of Wantage). John Seymour (54) is a millman, and stated to be from Charlton. Sarah (48), is from Wantage and they have five children at home. Josiah (16) was born in Wantage; Richard (14), Emma (12), Amos (9) and Rufus (1) were all born in Charlton. The older children woul obviously have left home and Ann Seymour (now 20) was in service in London at 3 Rochester Terrace, Westminster.
In 1871 John & Sarah were in Coopers Lane, Charlton with Josiah, Amos and Rufus John.
In 1881 Josiah still lived in Wantage with his wife Jeanny; Richard was in Charlton with wife Fanny and 5 children. Both were agricultural labourers.
John and Sarah were at Lodge, Charlton with Emma (now 31 and unmarried), Rufus John and their grandson Charles (yet to discover his parents)

John Seymour had married Sarah Mayo in Wantage on 27th November 1836.
There are two possibilities for the parents of John.
1 He was the son of William & Jane, and born 21/2/1807 (baptised 4/9/1807) in Wantage
2 He was the son of Hannah, and born 21/1/1811 (baptised 21/4/1811) also in Wantage

William and Jane Seymour had been married in 1779 and John - if he really was their son - was very late. Jane would have been 48 when she gave birth to him. Hannah, the possible illegitimate mother. was one of William & Jane's earliest children.

William Seymour married Jane Fuller 8/12/1779 Wantage. There are two possibilities for his family:

Edward Seymour, wife Sarah
Sarah 1731
second wife Elizabeth
Joseph Seymour 8/10/1734 Wantage, married Mary Lay 5/7/1755 Wantage, 6 children
Charles Seymour 19/11/1735 Wantage
Frances Seymour 14/3/1738 Wantage
Edward Seymour 2/3/1740 Wantage, wife Elizabeth, 4 children
Catherine Seymour 8/6/1743 Wantage
Elizabeth Seymour 17/9/1745 Wantage
William Seymour 9/10/1748 Wantage

Samuel Seymour married Sarah Whitehorn 18/11/1736 Wantage
Thomas Seymour 14/8/1737
Richard Seymour 25/3/1744
Elizabeth Seymour 9/1/1746
Joseph Seymour 19/3/1748
John Seymour 12/2/1751
William Seymour 18/11/1755
Looking at William's family suggests the answer.
William Seymour married Jane Fuller 8/12/1779 Wantage
Thomas Seymour 14/1/1780 Wantage
Hannah Seymour 10/8/1781 Wantage - child: John Seymour 21/4/1811 Wantage
Ann Seymour 4/4/1783 Wantage
Rachael Seymour 25/2/1785 Wantage
William Seymour 9/6/1790 Wantage
James Seymour 12/12/1792 Wantage
Frances Seymour 4/1795 Wantage
Richard Seymour 14/5/1797 Wantage
Mary Ann Seymour 19/3/1800 Wantage, married Charles Sims 1825 Wantage
John Seymour 4/9/1807 Wantage

On the 5th January 1802 Ann, his unmarried daughter. gave birth to a daughter - christened Harriott Whithorn Seymour - one conclusion is that she took the name from her grandmother and that William's parents were Samuel and Sarah.  This may be wrong.  I have seen evidence of illegitimate children bearing the surname of the father!

However, it still does not answer the question as to whether John Seymour was his son or grandson!

Samuel Seymour does not appear to have come from Wantage and was possibly born 2/11/1707 in Great Shefford; the son of John Seymour and Elizabeth. He had an elder brother John (b 15/2/1701); two other children Thomas (b 14/1/1703) and Charles (b 30/6/1706) both died before Samuel was born.

John Seymour married Elizabeth Prince 28/7/1700. His parents were either John & Anne or Phillip & Jane
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