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SHORT Ancestors

Little was known of the ancestry of Ruth Payne though she came from a Baptist family from Stoke, near Wantage, Berkshire. The following information on birthdates came from a family Bible.

Her parents were George Payne - born 12/12/1839 - and Ann - born 18/8/1840. Ann's maiden name was Seymour. They were married on the 26th September 1863 in Wantage. George was a labourer, son of James (also a labourer). Annie, as she is on the marriage certificate, was the daughter of James (another labourer). The ancestry of Ann Seymour is on a separate page.
They had a large family:

•Elizabeth Annie Payne - born 18/12/1865. Never married, died 5/7/1942
•Charles John Payne - born 17/9/1867. Died 29/7/1892
•Kate Payne - born 22/9/1869. Died 15/6/1964
•Emma Payne - born 14/7/1871. Married Thomas Gristwood in 1899 and had daughter Olive. Died 14/2/1947
•William Payne - born 8/3/1873. Died 28/5/1873
•George Payne - born 22/2/1874
•Ellen Payne - born 15/8/1876. Died 25/12/1880
•Joseph Payne - born 6/8/1878. Died 22/12/1880
•Ruth Payne - born 28/10/1880
•Hephshibah Payne - born 16/4/1882. Died 29/12/1883
•Dora Jane Payne - born 24/11/1885

I have been unable to locate George in the 1861 census.
The 1871 Census has George and Ann living at Ham Cottages, Wantage with their three eldest children. George is a gardener (domestic). Elizabeth and Charles were born at West lockinge, Kate at Wantage.
In 1881 George and Ann were still at Ham Cottages - with four of their children - Kate, Emma, George and Ruth. The whereabouts of the 13 year old Charles is unknown. George is stated to be a groom and his birthplace is given as West Challow (a nearby village). Ann was apparently from Wantage itself.

Also living in Wantage, at Mill Street, were two other Paynes from West Challow. These may have been the brothers of George. The elder of the two, Charles, was born c1827 and living with his wife Susan. The younger, Isaac (born c1842), was with his wife Ann and their children - James, Elizabeth, William and Isaac.

George Payne (senior) died 21/9/1898; the death of Ann is unknown.


It was believed that George's father was Isaac Payne but nothing was known of him. This now appears to be incorrect and, following a contact generated by this site, the following ancestry has been derived:

John Paine married Elizabeth Oates 3/10/1734 at Wantage
John Pain baptised 27/7/1735 at Wantage
William Pain baptised 24/11/1736 at Wantage
Mary Pain baptised 3/12/1738 at Wantage
Moses Pain baptised 6/9/1741 at Wantage
Thomas Pain baptised 3/6/1745 at Wantage
George Pain baptised 24/10/1746 at Wantage
Elizabeth Pain baptised 29/1/1748 at Wantage

George Pain married Mary Tovy 6/1/1772 at Shillingford, Berkshire
Elizabeth Payn baptised 15/6/1772 at West Challow
Mary Payne baptised 7/8/1775 at West Challow
Sarah Payne baptised 7/10/1777 at East Challow
Jane Paine baptised 5/1/1779 at East Challow
Frances Payne baptised 7/4/1782 at East Challow
Dianna Paine baptised 6/2/1785 at West Challow
William Payne baptised 21/1/1788 at East Challow

Jane Paine May have married James Giles 17/10/1808 at Wantage
James Paine baptised 7/3/1802 at East Challow
Mary Payn baptised 20/7/1806

James Paine married Sarah Dance 19/10/1824 at Childrey (I was told West Challow). The ancestry of Sarah Dance is shown separately.
William Paine born 14/10/1825 at West Challow
Charles Paine born 1827 at West Challow
Thomas Paine born 1830 at West Challow
Ann Paine born 1831 at West Challow
Edwin Paine born 1833 at West Challow
Jane Paine born 1835 at West Challow
Henry Paine born 1837 at West Challow
George Paine born 1839 at West Challow
Sarah Paine born 1841 at West Challow

In the 1841 census they were in West Challow with their children Charles, Thomas, Ann, Edwin, Henry and George. Presumably Jane was deceased; William may already have left home. There was also a 6 months-old son Isaac not listed above.
In 1851, still in West Challow, they have Henry, George and Isaac plus later additions: Jabez (8), Joseph (6) and Elizabeth (4). Presumably their daughter Sarah was deceased.


Edward Dance married Elizabeth Pounds 18/2/1747 at Peasmore
Edward Dance baptised 10/4/1757 at Lambourn
Dynah Dance baptised 9/12/1759 at Lambourn
Diana Dance baptised 20/4/1762 at Lambourn. Died 16/5/1762
Rosenah Dance baptised 11/3/1764 at Lambourn

Edward Dance married Elinor Damer (Durmer) 25/8/1776 at Lambourn
Elinor was born 15/3/1748, the daughter of John Durmer and his wife Ann
John Dance baptised 20/7/1777 at Lambourn
Thomas Dance baptised 17/10/1779 at Lambourn
Charles Dance baptised 9/10/1781 at Lambourn
Elizabeth Dance baptised 24/11/1783 at Lambourn
Ann Dance baptised 30/4/1786 at Lambourn
Abraham Dance baptised 10/2/1788 at Lambourn
Isaac Dance baptised 11/3/1792 at Lambourn
Hannah Dance baptised 11/1/1795 at Lambourn

Charles Dance married Hannah Gosling 23/1/1804.
Hannah was born 20/6/1784 at Kingston Lisle, the daughter of James Gosling and Sarah Mary Angel who had been married at Kingston Lisle 10/12/1781. She had an elder sister Sarah born 13/10/1782. It is possible that Sarah Mary Angel was from either

Stratton St Margaret where her parents Thomas Angel and Betty Williams were married 17/4/1760
or, Faringdon to parents William & Ann; and born 14/1/1753
or, Shrivenham to parents John & Elizabeth; and born 15/4/1756 (or1757)

Her age at marriage would have been 22(or less), 28 or 24 respectively so any could fit! Geographically the latter seems favourite.
Sarah Dance born 11/3/1804 at Lambourn
Elizabeth Dance born 16/2/1806 at Lambourn. Married Henry Pettifer 7/2/1831 Childrey
James Dance born 13/3/1808 at Lambourn.
Edward Dance born 4/2/1810 at Lambourn. Married Jane Moss 12/3/1834 Childrey, 3 children at 1841 census
Hannah Dance born 12/1/1812 at Lambourn
Ann Dance born 19/6/1814 at Lambourn. Child Sarah Castle Dance b 13/3/1836 Childrey
John Dance born 1816 at Kingston Lisle
Thomas Dance born 22/12/1816 at Childrey
Isaac Dance born 28/5/1818 at Childrey
William Dance born 23/10/1820 at Childrey
Abraham Dance born 24/11/1822 at Childrey
Rhoda Dance born 26/3/1826 Childrey
Ellen Dance born 8/2/1829 Childrey

In the 1841 census Charles (an agricultural labourer) and Sarah were in Childrey with their son Thomas (24) and their granddaughter Sarah .
Hannah Dance was still in Childrey at the time of the 1851 census, widowed and living on parish relief. Her son Thomas was also in Childrey with his wife Eliza

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