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SHORT Ancestors

Married Ellen Lamble in Apr-Jun 1870. They had a large family, all of whom were baptised at the Dartmouth Methodist Church. Ellen died on 19th January 1885 and is buried in Kingswear. James Henry subsequently re-married - to Bessie Lamble (who may have been Ellen's sister) in Jan-Mar 1886 - and had two more daughters.
Like his father and brothers James was a mason. In fact he was in partnership with his brother John but the two fell out over something to do with building work at the Methodist Church in Dartmouth and the feud between them lasted to their deaths. In 1901, James and his family were in New Road, Kingswear.
James (died 1st October 1911) and his wife Bessie (d 27th February 1923) are buried at Kingswear.

• Alice born 5/6/1871, baptised 15/7/1871. In 1891 Alice, was a dressmaker in Plymouth living with her uncle George Lamble and his family. She married Francis John Kistle Q4 1899 (ref Totnes 5b 346) and in 1901 they were living in Totnes. By 1911 they were back in Kingswear at Church Park Terrace with children Marjorie (6) and Ewart (3). Francis Kistle died on 22/9/1919; Alice died on 26/8/1930 - both are buried in Kingswear.
• Rosa born 22/7/1872, baptised 31/9/1872; buried 6/1/1873
• Edith born 20/7/1873, baptised 2/9/1873. In 1891 Edith was a milliners apprentice and living at home. She died 23rd February 1897 and is buried with her mother.
• Clara was born c 1875. She married William T Batten Q2 1900 (ref Totnes 5b 400) and in 1901 they were living in Totnes with sister Alice and her husband. In 1911 they were in East Ham, London and had two children - Wilfrid (3) and Hilda (1). There may have been a third child - Cyril - born Q3 1913.
• Ethel born 29/1/1876, baptised 14/3/1876. In 1891 Ethel was still at home - a Monitress. Like her elder sister Edith she became a milliner and in both 1901 and 1911 was still at home with her parents. She never married and died on 9/2/1933. She is buried at Kingswear.
• Bessie born 17/6/1877, baptised 28/8/1877. In 1901 Bessie was in Winchester in service as a domestic help. No subsequent trace has been found for her
• Harold born 11/6/1878, baptised 30/7/1878. Harold married Edith Olivia White in Q2 1903 (ref Totnes 5b 425) They moved to Dartmouth had three children - Clarence Ifould born Q3 1905 (ref Totnes 5b 153) and twins, Norman George and Betty Olivia, in Q4 1907 (ref Totnes 5b 134). Clarence died 30/12/1906 (ref Totnes 5b 104) and is buried in Kingswear. Norman married Gladys Wallis in Q4 1935 (ref Totnes 5b 419). Betty never married.
• Wilfred born 27/5/1879, baptised 22/7/1879. Wilfred married Edith Emma Jones in Q1 1910 (ref Totnes 5b 321). Moved to Dartmouth and had a daughter Ethel in Q1 1911 (ref Totnes 5b 131).
• Mary Ellen born 22/5/1880, baptised 20/7/1880. In 1901 Mary was a domestic help with a family in Newton Abbot. She was similarly employed in 1911 but living with her sister Clara in London.
• Marion born 10/7/1881, baptised 14/8/1881. Following in her sister Alice's footsteps, Marion was with her uncle George Lamble in Plymouth in 1901 - a dressmaker. She married William Peters Tucker in Q2 1906 (ref Totnes 5b 465) and in 1911 they were living in Wokingham.
• Louisa born August 1882, baptised 5/10/1882. In 1901 Louisa was a drapers assistant and still at home. She married Robert Goodfellow Q2 1910 (ref Totnes 5b 386). He was a ship fitter and they were in Devonport in 1911. They had two children - Dorothy A in Q1 1913 (ref Devonport 5b 517) and Alfred J in Q2 1918 (ref Devonport 5b 412).
• Hilda born 22/1/1884, baptised 31/3/1884. She was a pupil teacher in 1901 and assistant teacher in 1911. In Q2 1915 she married Reginald G Kellond (ref Totnes 5b 505).
• Margaret (christened 10/9/1889).
• Kathleen (christened 12/7/1892). Married William E Thomas in Q3 1919 (ref Totnes 5b 499)

Ellen and Bessie Lamble were daughters of Peter and Mary Lamble from Dartmouth. The complete family was:
•George Lamble born 15/9/1841, baptised Feb 1849 at Brixham Methodist
•Emily Lamble born 8/10/1843, baptised Feb 1849 at Brixham Methodist
•Robert Lamble born 10/3/1846, baptised Feb 1849 at Brixham Methodist. Buried 6/7/1856 at Townstal
•Ellen Lamble born 18/1/1849, baptised Feb 1849 at Brixham Methodist
•Fanny Lamble born 26/12/1851, Christened 6/1/1852 at Dartmouth Wesleyan
•Bessie Lamble born 31/8.1855, christened 28/10/1855 at Dartmouth Wesleyan
•Harry Lamble born 31/8.1855, christened 28/10/1855 at Dartmouth Wesleyan

Although the four eldest children were all baptised in Brixham Peter and Mary were described as "of Dartmouth" so they were probably not living in Brixham.

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