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SHORT Ancestors
Henry Short

Henry Short was born in 1736 and married Ann Bovey at St Saviour's Church in Dartmouth on 22nd October 1760. In addition to the children shown above there is a probability of three earlier ones. Three girls - Ann Phillips, Sarah and Hennage - were all baptised at St Saviour's with father shown as Henry. The children in the chart above were all baptised at St Petrox. For the possible ancestry of Henry click here, and for something more speculative on Ann, click here.
Ann Bovey (daughter of Thomas Bovey) was baptised at St Saviour's on 18th February 1736 and lived to the age of 94 - she died on 21st August 1831. Henry had died on the 13th June 1812 and is buried in St Petrox with Ann.

Ann Phillips
Baptised 16/9/1761

Baptised 14/11/1762. Married Philip Beenlen 29/1/1788. Philip was baptised at St Savior, Dartmouth on 3/7/1763. No trace of any children for this couple was found using the IGI. Some evidence exists that they may have gone to Newfoundland:

In 1798 a Philip Beinlin is listed in a directory as a merchant in St John's. At the beginning of that same year, on 5th January 1798, two girls - Ann and Susannah Beinlin (aka Beinlan) were baptised at the Anglican Cathedral in St Johns. These were the daughters of Philip and Sarah.
In 1806 the list of subscribers to the St John's Royal Gazette includes a Philip Breenlen.
Philip Brienhan, a widower, and merchant, married Anne Way at the Cathderal on 13th February 1811
On 12th February 1816 an Ann Breenlen was married to John B Tremblett at the Cathedral. Five years later Susan Breenten was married there - to George Johnston Hayward on 20th December 1821 - the marriage being witnessed by Philip and Eliza Breenten. No children from these marriages have yet been traced.
On the 17th August 1833 Philip Beenlen was named in a petition for a grant of 20 acres of land at White Hills, Newfoundland
On the 18th November 1835 the Star and Conception Bay Journal noted the death of the merchant, Philip Beenlen, aged 73 years.
Various legal documents also exist for Philip Beenlen - also to Langley Beenlen and Nicholas Beenlen & Co.
Note that none of the names (or variants) listed above occurs anywhere else in the Newfoundland records available on the internet and allowing for the curious spellings obvious in other Newfoundland records (and possible transcription errors) they probably refer to the same family.
It is possible that there were other children of Philip and Sarah - exactly who Eliza (who witnessed Susan's marriage) was is unclear and there was also a Miss Beenlen resident at 17 Garrison Hill, St John's in 1885.

Baptised 26/5/1765. Married Samuel Toft 3/1/1792. No trace of any children for this couple has been found using the IGI.

Baptised 3/4/1767.  Henry Short married Honour Sques at St Saviour's in Dartmouth on 30th September 1793. The couple had five girls:-
Ann (in 1794), married Thomas Kine on 19th November 1815
Mary (1795), possibly married Richard Tuckerman on 27th February 1825. More likely she married Nicholas Collings on 15/8/1817 (at St Saviour's, witnessed by Henry Short)
Honour (1798), died aged 17, buried 18/2/1816
Eliza (1801)
Anna Lidstone (1806). Had two illegitimate daughters - Lavinia Honour Hooper (1830) and Emily (1836) so she may never have been married.

The surname of Henry's bride is, to say the least, unusual and may represent a corruption or abbreviation of another name (eg Squires) as it only appears in Dartmouth records in connection with Honour and her immediate family. Further research is necessary to sort this out though it appears that Honour was the daughter of James Sques and his wife Mary (nee Joynt) and had two brothers and two sisters. At the marriage of James Sques at St Saviours on 23/3/1763 he is described as a sojourner - his roots were obviously elsewhere.
Honour was born around 1765 and was buried 5/8/1827.  Henry outlived his wife and was buried 22/1/1832 at St Saviour's.

Baptised 4/12/1768. Married Jenney Solomon on 15th July 1790. Next in the direct line of descent, he and his wife have their own page

Baptised 16/9/1770

Baptised 13/9/1772

Baptised 14/5/1775

Baptised 22/10/1778.  Married Harriet Laverance on 17th February 1803 at St Petrox, Dartmouth.

Baptised 9/2/1783.  Died on 20th March 1784
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