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WILLS Ancestors
The Diamond Line

Sarah Diamond was born in Bridford and baptised in 1758. She had a number of brothers and sisters and was the daughter of John Diamond and Sarah Pitman who had married on 4th March 1756.

•John Diamond was baptised on the 22nd April 1729, the son of Thomas Diamond and Margery Clash.
•Sarah Pitman was the daughter of William Pitman and Priscilla Tucker (Persilla Tuckett)

This descent is based entirely on data from the IGI (International Genealogical Index) and requires checking against the parish records - which will add further information. Details of brothers and sisters are given in the listings below:

Charles Clash married Margery (?)
Marjery Clash baptised 7 Apr 1702 in Tedburn St Mary

Nicholas Tuckett married (?)
Priscilla Tuckett baptised 21 Oct 1702

Thomas Daimond married Margery Clash in Bridford 18 Dec 1728
John Diamond baptised 22 Apr 1729
Mary Diamond baptised 2 Feb 1730
Elizabeth Diamond baptised 16 Jan 1732
Margaret Diamond baptised 12 Mar 1733
Mary Diamond baptised 9 Nov 1736
Grace Diamond baptised 5 May 1741
Thomas Diamond baptised 31 May 1743
Richard Diamond baptised 4 Sep 1746

William Pittman married Persilla Tuckett in Bridford 14 Feb 1725
Sarah Pitman baptised 29 Aug 1734
William Pitman baptised 29 Jun 1739
Susannah Pitman baptised 3 Oct 1742

John Diamond married Sarah Pitman 4 Mar 1756/7 in Bridford
William Diamond baptised 5 May 1757
Sarah Diamond baptised 8 Jan 1758
Susannah Diamond baptised 21 Oct 1760
Mary ? baptised 1762
John Dyment baptised 25 Sep 1764
Thomas Daymond baptised 12 Feb 1767
Ann Deymond baptised 7 Feb 1768
Priscilla Dymont baptised 2 Aug 1773
Betty Daymond baptised 3 Mar 1776

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