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SHORT Ancestors
The BOVEY Line

Henry Short married Ann Bovey at St Saviour's Church in Dartmouth on 22nd October 1760. Ann Bovey was baptised at St Saviour's on 18th February 1736/7 - the daughter of Thomas Bovey - but there is no evidence of him, or his family, in that town.

Thomas Bovey, the son of a Thomas Bovey, was baptised at Townstall Church (St Clements) on 21/1/1738/9 and it is tempting to identify him as a younger brother of Ann.

The following is based on information from the IGI but the final link - tying the Thomas at the bottom of this tree to Thomas, the father of Ann Bovey, is pure speculation. Thomas must have been married in 1736, or earlier, and the IGI for Devon only came up with one candidate - Thomas Bovey married Hannah Philippes at Rattery on 3/5/1732. Looking for a Thomas Bovey of the right age gave two possibilities - both from Staverton and, apparently, from two family trees:

George Bovey - wife unknown, living in Staverton
Edward Bovey - baptised 31/4/1659
John Bovey - baptised 31/10/1665

John Bovey - wife unknown, living in Staverton
Edward Bovey - baptised 19/9/1698
John Bovey - baptised 18/8/1702
Thomas Bovey - baptised 30/5/1704

John Bovey - born c.1605, wife Sibyl, living in Staverton
John Bovey - baptised 7/10/1627
John Bovey - baptised 17/4/1631
Lawrence Bovey - baptised 28/10/1632
Thomas Bovey - baptised 14/9/1634
Sibyl Bovey - baptised 15/1/1637
George Bovey - baptised 6/10/1639

John Bovey - wife unknown, living in Staverton
Elizabeth Bovey - baptised 27/2/1662
Susanna Bovey - baptised 27/2/1666

Thomas Bovey - married Susan Sture, 9/11/1671 at Staverton
Lawrence Bovey - baptised 1/10/1672
Thomas Bovey - baptised 17/11/1674
Samuel Bovey - baptised 11/5/1679

Thomas Bovey - married Anne Pugsley 19/4/1711 at Staverton
Thomas Bovey - baptised 16/3/1712

Either of these Thomas Bovey's could be the one who married Hannah Philippes. Age at marriage, alone, would suggest the one from the green box. However, there is more evidence. On 7/10/1729 a Susanna Bovey was born in Staverton and her father was Thomas Bovey (mother unknown). While it is just possible that this Susanna was a late daughter of Thomas and Anne (nee Pugsley) the absence of any intervening children makes this unlikely. Her father is, therefore, much more likely to be the Thomas - son of Thomas and Susan (nee Sture) in the yellow box above, leaving the one in the green box free to marry Hannah Philippes

During the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries there was one other family of Bovey's living in Staverton, though the christian name Thomas does not appear in their midst. This family is detailed below for completeness only.

1 Nicholas Bovey - born c.1635, married Agnes Irish 15/12/1657, living in Staverton
2 Agnes Bovey - baptised 4/9/1659
3 Nicholas Bovey - baptised 13/1/1661
4 Nicholas Bovey - baptised 19/1/1662
5 Clement Bovey - baptised 16/8/1664
6 William Bovey - baptised 15/7/1666
7 Elizabeth Bovey - baptised 3/12/1667
8 George Bovey - baptised 22/8/1669

4 Nicholas Bovey - married Willmott White 5/8/1689, living in Staverton
9 Nicholas Bovey - baptised 27/7/1690
10 Mary Bovey - baptised 5/8/1690
- the baptism date of one of these two appears incorrect

9 Nicholas Bovey - married Martha Yabbecombe 23/10/1716, living in Staverton
11 Mary Bovey - baptised 3/3/1718, died 25/9/1720
12 Martha Bovey - baptised 6/2/1722

5 Clement Bovey - wife unknown, living in Staverton
13 Clement Bovey - baptised 22/1/1689

6 William Bovey - married Elizabeth Parr 22/10/1689, living in Staverton
14 Margarett Bovey - baptised 27/1/1690 (or 7/1/1690)
15 William Bovey - baptised 15/9/1691
16 Susanna Bovey - baptised 21/3/1692
17 Elizabeth Bovey - baptised 30/4/1695

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