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Albert Wills was also known as Albert Edward and Walter Albert. He was baptised on 3rd August 1862 and married Sarah Saunders (or Sanders) in 1889. and they had seven children.

•Thomas Henry Wills - born 15/10/1893. Married Lillian Collins in 1931. They had three daughters - Jean, Shirley and Marlene. Jean married Geoffrey and they have two daughters - Jennifer and Jacqueline
•Jessie Wills - born 25/8/1894. Jessie married Jim Coombes in about 1913 and they emigrated to Canada in 1926. They had nine children.
•Albert Edward Wills - born 1895. Married Winnifred and had nine children. One of these is Reg Wills.
•Flossie Wills - born 1898
•Lena Wills
•Hilda Wills
•Frank Wills. Believed to have emigrated to Canada.

The information above was sent to me. Having checked it, and with the advantage of the 1911 Census, some additions and corrections:
The children of Albert & Sarah were nine in number:

•Arthur John born Q1 1890; ref St Thomas 5b71
•Frank born Q4 1892; ref: St Thomas 5b 58
•Thomas Henry born Q4 1893; ref: St Thomas 5b 61
•Jessie born Q3 1895; ref: St Thomas 5b 63
•Lena born Q4 1897; ref: St Thomas 5b 47
•Hilda May born Q2 1900; ref: St Thomas 5b 48
•Albert Edward born Q3 1902; ref: St Thomas 5b 47
•Flossie born Q3, 1904; ref: St Thomas 5b 64
•Thirza born Q4 1907; ref: St Thomas 5b 61

There was an Albert Edward Wills born in 1895, (ref: St Thomas 5b58) but he was the son of William Henry and Elizabeth Ann who lived in Christow. Either he, or the one above, could have married Winnifred. This marriage, to Winifred M Pratt, appears to have been in Q3 1925 (ref Tiverton 5b 926). The most likely partner was Winnifred Pratt who came from Boadclyst and was born in Q3 1904 (ref St Thomas 5b 50). This ties up with Birth records which would have Reg born 1928. (Two other possibilities; births in 1930 and 1934 have mothers maiden names as Clark and Cook and in both cases the father would also have been a Reginald)

I have no explanation for the one year discrepancy in Jessie's birth; nor for the 6 year discrepancy for Flossie.

1891 Census
WILLS, Albert, Head, Married, M, 31, 1860, Farm Labourer , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Sarah, Wife, Married, F, 23, 1868, , Christow, Devonshire
WILLS, Arthur, Son, , M, 1, 1890, , Bridford, Devonshire
Pooks Cottage, Lower Westcott, Bridford

1901 Census
WILLS, Albert W, Head, Married, M, 41, 1860, Agricultural Labourer , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Sarah A, Wife, Married, F, 32, 1869, , Christow, Devonshire
WILLS, Frank, Son, , M, 9, 1892, School , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Thomas H, Son, , M, 7, 1894, School , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Jessie, Daughter, , F, 5, 1896, , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Lena, Daughter, , F, 4, 1897, , Bridford, Devonshire
WILLS, Hilda M, Daughter, , F, 1, 1900, , Bridford, Devonshire
Birch Cottage, Bridford

1911 Census
WILLS, Albert, Head, Married, M, 50, 1861, Farm Labourer , Brideford Devon
WILLS, Sarah, Wife, Married 24 years, F, 44, 1867, , Christow Devon
WILLS, Frank, Son, Single, M, 19, 1892, Farm Labourer , Brideford Devon
WILLS, Lena, Daughter, , F, 13, 1898, School , Brideford Devon
WILLS, Hilda, Daughter, , F, 11, 1900, School , Brideford Devon
WILLS, Albert, Son, , M, 8, 1903, School , Exwick Devon
WILLS, Flossie, Daughter, , F, 6, 1905, School , Ide Devon
WILLS, Thirza, Daughter, , F, 3, 1908, , Dunchidock Devon
Upexe Thorverton Exeter
Thomas Henry was a Farm Yard Boy on the Batting farm at Great Dorweek, Silverton. 
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